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I grew up under the big skies and snowy mountains of Montana, near Glacier National Park.  After pursuing undergraduate studies in music and theatre, I moved to San Francisco to study the Alexander Technique. Over time, I became increasingly interested in the intersection of body-based practices and psychology.  This led me to enroll at the California Institute of Integral Studies where I earned my Master’s degree in Somatic Psychology. After graduate school, I interned and worked for the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy for several years, before moving into private practice.  


I strive to create a therapy practice that is much more than two people sitting and talking.  I pay great attention to the body and the rich information it brings to the healing process. I invite my clients to make use of their whole physical selves - it is common in my practice that clients stand up, lie on the floor, try on a yoga pose, use a variety of props, sing and dance, and even make contact through touch. I offer a therapy that is engaged, active, and creative to meet the dynamic and unique needs of each client. 


I work with individual clients who are struggling to find satisfying relationships. I help clients explore and heal the trauma, depression, stress, anxiety, grief, and fear that keep them from the relationships they desire. I also work with couples, using attachment-based work to help both members of a couple come to know and trust that their partner loves them, has their back, and that the relationship is strong enough to meet both members' needs and stand the test of time. I also specialize in work with gay men who are healing wounds of rejection and abandonment, and striving to access their sexuality, confidence, and sense of belonging.

My office is located in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.  I serve as a board member for the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy  In my spare time, I can generally be found hiking, playing piano, reading books, and listening to live music.



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