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I help people who feel their lives are somehow limited, who desire to become more aligned with their own authenticity and integrity.  I support exploration of mind and body - of relationships, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors - leading to the discovery of ever increasing love and respect for self and other. 

Client concerns include:




Relationship Difficulties

Sexual Difficulties

Life Transitions


Feelings of Dissatisfaction

LGBTQ  Issues


Spiritual Crisis

Limiting Beliefs





Individual Psychotherapy


Most people come to therapy because life feels somehow limited or stuck.  Do you have a sense that "somehow this could be better" but feel like there is no clear idea of where 'better' would be or how to get there?  My goal as a therapist is to serve as a compassionate witness, creating a safe space for clients to explore their whole selves - body, mind, and spirit.  Together, we can map the territory of your lived experience and find the road that leads to a place of knowing, confidence,  and satisfaction.


Somatic and Mindful Approaches

I believe that therapy works best when it includes the whole person.  A Somatic approach is one that honors the wisdom of the body.  Expect that therapy will include attention to how  you feel - not just emotionally, but physically as well.  Often, a tight neck is as important a message as a sad thought or an angry feeling.  A Mindful approach means that we will take the time to explore your awareness of yourself - to learn to listen to and witness the whole of your experience, including the quiet voices that are so often ignored.


I welcome the whole you.  The places of lightness, the places of darkness, and all the grey in between.  I welcome your multitude of backgrounds and experiences.  I welcome the parts that follow the rules, as well as the rebel parts that march to a different beat.  Come just as you are - to discover who you can become.

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