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You translate everything, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, into muscular tension. 
-F.M. Alexander

A Somatic Approach

is one that honors the wisdom of the body.  

I believe that therapy works best when it includes the whole person.  Expect that therapy will include attention to how  you feel - not just emotionally, but physically as well.  Often, a tight neck is as important a message as a sad thought or an angry feeling!   Sometimes, somatic work means including the body in conversation: what is happening in your body while we talk?  The body often holds important information about our inner world. Somatic work can also include exploring physical practices - exercise, fitness, diet, arts, meditation - that would greatly benefit a person’s life.  What we do with our bodies on any given day profoundly impacts our mood and disposition.

With a client’s permission, I might use hands-on techniques that may help a client:

  • Explore anxiety or fear around physical contact 

  • Reduce chronic tension and related pain

  • Learn to regulate the nervous system - either to slow down, or to energize the system

Somatic work can also include direct work with the body such as:

Exploring awareness of psycho-somatic processes like shrinking, hiding, collapse.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about somatic psychotherapy.

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