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If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?
-Ru Paul

Gay men

have our own culture, subcultures, habits, and beliefs.

We have specific defenses and difficulties that arise from growing up queer in a world that is still not ready to fully accept us as we are. It can be challenging for some guys to risk talking about gay life with someone who hasn’t lived it. As such, it is often helpful for gay men to have a gay therapist.  I’m a gay man on a mission to help gay men explore their queer identity and live a full and satisfying life.


We can talk about things that matter:

work, sex, dating, romance, health, aging, and belonging.

I help clients recover from homophobic woundings of culture, family, and church.  I offer support for men wanting to create healthy and connected relationships.  I assist gay couples as they explore attachment, sex, and relationship structures that actually work for them. My practice is a space where gay men can grow their self-acceptance and confidence, so they can live an energized and vital life in this modern world. 

Healing Wounds

Healing Wounds

Most gay men are carrying complex emotional wounds that interfere with satisfying living and successful relationships.  Churches and families and cultures told us that we were bad, broken, and destined for unhappiness. Sometimes this was explicit and abusive, other times subtle and hard to name.  However it happened, the oppression of being gay in a straight world leaves wounds that cause many to doubt their worth and value.  Furthermore, many of us have been wounded by the very queer communities we ran to after we came out.  I help gay men explore and heal these wounds, working toward a greater sense of self-acceptance and self-love.

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