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Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.

Life is Awesome,

And life is full of suffering. 

Everyday we navigate this hard-to-swallow truth. Sometimes we manage to live it while feeling aligned, authentic, friendly, and whole. At other times, we stumble through feeling unbalanced, fake, alone, and broken. Perhaps you’re struggling with depression or anxiety. Perhaps your relationship is ending and you aren’t sure what comes next. Whatever you’re facing, know that you are not alone.


Is a place to work on life's many tasks with some help and support

I’m here to hold space for your feelings,  to coach and cheer you on, to occasionally offer some expert advice, and to help you navigate the choices that appear along the way.  As your therapist, I’m dedicated to guiding your journey of self-development and self-acceptance.  Together, we can learn about self-reliance, confidence, courage, and love.

Portrait with Dog

Dating Support

Navigating the complexities of modern dating can be challenging! From online apps to real-world encounters, I offer support to help you navigate the dating scene authentically and confidently. Together, we can work on crafting a successful dating profile, overcoming dating anxiety, and fostering meaningful real-life connections in your romantic life.

Let's Talk About It In A Free 15 Minute Consultation

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